Untra Manor – a 218 hectare farm with plenty of history and excellent land configuration

  • Untra 209
  • Tierp
  • 409 kvm
  • 12 rum & kök
  • 29 500 000 kr
  • Tierp
  • 29 500 000 kr
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  • Bidding in progress
  • Kontakta mäklaren för mer information om visning.

Untra Manor – a 218 hectare farm with plenty of history and excellent land configuration

Untra Manor – a 218 hectare farm with plenty of history and excellent land configuration


This property has a lovely location in Tierp Municipality in Uppsala County, amidst a well-preserved agricultural landscape with abundant natural beauty, a colourful history and authentic and vibrant culture.


The surroundings consist mainly of open fields with small copses in their midst. Tierp enjoys convenient transport, with the E4 and the East Coast railway line going through the municipality, and ensuring fast and easy access by car or rail to Uppsala (about 35 minutes), Arlanda Airport (about 50 minutes) and Stockholm (about 1.5 hours).


Untra Manor has a long history that dates back to the 15th century. The property has belonged to the Swedish Crown, and was, in part, held as an inheritable fief by Johan Axelsson Oxenstierna af Södermöre, a Swedish count and diplomat. Subsequently, the manor belonged to Johan Leijonkrona (Queen Christina’s court tailor and later court administrator). In the middle of the 18th century, it was owned by schoolmaster and ironworks owner Israel Norberg and Lord Chamberlain Broman. For a long period after this, the manor remained the property of the Grill family, who owned the Söderfors ironworks.


The immense slag brick storage building was constructed in 1844, and is decorated with the coat of arms of Grill family, which features a vigilant crane.

The property includes 12 buildings with an aggregate area of 4,852 m2. There is a beautiful manor house with wings, a glassed-in pavilion, stables, a manège, an automated dairy farm, stables for calves and steers, a grain drier, workshop, woodshed and silo. The condition of the buildings varies. The roofs of the residential buildings have undergone renovation.


The land area of the property totals 217.9 hectares consisting of 155 hectares of fields, 33 hectares of pastures, six hectares of forests, with the remainder, miscellaneous land. The land is very well configured and contiguous, with immediate access from the centre of the manor, and stretches all the way to the Untra inlet with its excellent bathing and fishing, as well as hunting.


The current owners are dairy farmers with about 120-130 dairy cows. For many years now this has been an organic farm that sells KRAV-certified milk and beef. They also produce their own ice cream, which, although not KRAV-certified, is made from the farm’s own KRAV-certified milk and cream.


The dairy operates an ice cream café where guests can watch cows and horses amidst the bucolic beauty of the manor. It’s easy to understand why the café has become a real tourist attraction.


The nature and excellent location of this property offers a very attractive place to live and either continue the present business, or develop the property in some other direction in agriculture and/or tourism.




Full description
  • Address:
    Untra 209,
    815 93 Tierp
  • Price:
    29 500 000 kr
  • Prop.designation:
    UNTRA 9:5
  • Mark total:
    218 Ha
  • Cropland:
    155 Ha
  • Pasture:
    33 Ha
  • Forest:
    6 Ha
  • Forest impediment:
    15 Kvm
  • Boarea total:
    409 Kvm
  • Biarea total:
    447 Kvm
  • Ekonomibyggnader totalt:
    4000 Kvm
  • No of rooms:
    12 rum & kök
  • Buildingyear:
  • Municipality:
  • District:
  • Parish:
  • Facade:
  • Roof:
  • Framework:
  • Loft Floor:
  • Foundation:
  • Ventilation:
  • Tv- och Internet:
    Wi fi
  • Heating:
  • Municipal water:
    Enskilt vatten året om. Enskilt avlopp.
  • Form of ownership:
    Friköpt - Gård
  • Taxworth
  • Total:
    7 468 000 kr
  • Building:
    1 564 000 kr
  • Ground :
    242 000 kr
  • Farm:
    3 760 000 kr
  • Pasture:
    378 000 kr
  • Forest:
    345 000 kr
  • Forest impediment:
    41 000 kr
  • Year:
  • Code:
    120, 325
  • Operating Costs
  • Heating:
    1 667 kr/month
  • Electricity:
    454 kr/month
  • Cleaning:
    250 kr/month
  • Total:
    2 371 kr/month
  • Comment:
    Enbart gällande bostadshusen och enligt säljarens uppgifter.
  • Servitudes
  • Type:
    Officialservitut väg
    Officialservitut väg
    Ledningsrätt starkström
    Avtalsservitut kraftledn mm
    Avtalsservitut uppdämmningsrätt
    Avtalsservitut vattenkraft mm
    Avtalsservitut vattenkraft mm
    Officialservitut vattentäkt
    Officialservitut avlopp
    Ledningsrätt starkström
    Avtalsservitut starkströmsledning mm
    Officialservitut utrymme
    Officialservitut röjningsrätt
    Officialservitut grindförbud
    Ledningsrätt starkström
  • Mortgages
  • Total:
    17 418 000 kr
  • Distributed on:
    8 mortgages
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